Advanced, cutting edge, modular building technology

Buildings of the future: AI designed, blockchain-based quality assurance, Smart IoT enabled & carbon-neutral buildings

We are a construction technology company turning construction into manufacturing

We are building the world's largest & India's first steel modular building factory to solve the shortage of affordable housing across the world

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About Us


Established more than a decade ago by board members still passionately committed to its founding principles of carbon neutrality and innovation. Modulex is a leading modular construction company, harnessing evolving technologies to meet the burgeoning housing need at pace and with optimal cost efficiency. By adopting stringent compliance standards, quality is a given too. We are making the dream of universal good housing a reality.

What we do




Our proprietary technology is a Modern Method of Construction, which is 3D volumetric steel modular buildings, turning construction into manufacturing.

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At Modulex Franchising we’re searching for motivated, knowledgeable entrepreneurs with or without a background in custom modular construction.

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Off-the-shelf Offerings


Student Accommodation


   Rooms 100
 Area 55,000 sq ft
Height Up to G+5 floors
 Cost £60K per key

Hotel Accommodation


 Units 896
 Area 55,000 sq ft
Height Up to G+5 floors
Cost £60K per key

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