Advanced, cutting edge modular building technology

Buildings of the future: AI designed, blockchain based quality assurance, Smart IoT enabled and carbon neutral buildings

We are a construction technology company turning construction into manufacturing

We are building the world’s largest and India’s first steel modular building factory

Invest in the future of construction

Student Accommodation

Rooms 100
Area 55,000 sq ft
Height Up to G+5 floors
Cost £60K per key


Units 896
Area 55,000 sq ft
Height Up to G+5 floors
Cost £60K per key

About Us

We are disrupting construction with the use of Modern Methods of Construction. We are passionate about spreading the use of steel modular building technology to deliver environmental, social and economic impact globally. 

The need is for high speed, high quality, carbon neutral, smart buildings for the future needs of the growing population on the planet and to solve the overhang of demand for good housing for the masses.  >>


Offsite construction and steel modular building technology in particular is the need of the hour. Our technology delivers high speed, high quality on a fixed cost and time contract using the same materials as in traditional construction with limited use of concrete and precious water. 

We have taken the existing steel modular technology and added the following to the technology stack:

  • Design,engineering and efficiency driven by AI
  • Blockchain based quality assurance
  • IoT enabled smart buildings with live data
  • Carbon neutral certified >>


At Modulex Franchising we’re searching for motivated, knowledgeable entrepreneurs with or without a background in custom modular construction.

If that sounds like you, our franchise opportunity may be the perfect way to get involved without the risk and hassle associated with starting a company from scratch. We will provide you with the expertise and training you will require to operate a successful business based on our proven track record >>