Franchise - Modulex Global

We are actively seeking local partners in the BRICS & N11 economies to set up manufacturing units to cater to the local market.

Our technology is the need of the hour to resolve housing and infrastructure requirements of the growth, emerging and frontier economies. We are seeking local partners who are passionate about disrupting the construction sector in their country to resolve the growing demand for housing, healthcare, hospitality, education etc.

A hands-off turnkey franchise model

We will as the Franchisor

  1. Provide design for factory
  2. Oversee the construction and set up of the factory
  3. Recruit, train and monitor workforce
  4. Operate the factory

You will as the Franchisee

  1. Invest equity and or debt to set up the factory
  2. Provide local liaising and network to establish the factory
  3. Generate order pipeline
  4. Manage client relationships
Franchise Synopsis


Our first Master Franchise is being set up in India. It is a master franchise that is controlled by the company through a controlling stake in Modulex Construction Technologies Limited, a BSE main market listed entity. In the case of this territory, we have brought in strategic partners who are well established corporate houses in India and household real estate brands. The factory is expected to complete in Q4 of 2022 and will supply to the domestic Indian market and export to the UK, EU and US.


We are in the process of identifying a local partner to set up a franchise in Mauritius to cater to the African continent with a Centre of Design Excellence set up in Mauritius. As and when markets develop in various regions of Africa, factories will be set up through local franchises.