Our proprietary technology is a Modern Method of Construction, which is 3D volumetric steel modular buildings.

Modular construction technology turns construction into manufacturing in a controlled environment. This enables us to deliver buildings on high speed and high quality on a fixed cost and time guarantee using the same finishing as in traditional construction. A more controlled environment also means that it is a very safe environment for our workers, including less time spent working at a height. Modular construction is a green construction technology that uses less energy, creates less waste, generates less dust and noise pollution and delivers better performing buildings.

Key Features

Short Build Time
90% Built Offsite
Factory Built
Fixed Cost Guarantee
Fixed Time Guarantee
30% Cheaper to Maintain
British Standard Codified
Fully Mortgageable
Earthquake Resistant
Up To 24 Floors

How are modular buildings built

Modular construction is the process of using modules manufactured in a controlled factory environment which are transported to site and connected together to form a complete building. This method of construction has many advantages over traditional build techniques.  We offer a full turnkey service from initial concept design through to completion.

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  1. Interaction between the client’s architect and the design team of the company to understand the client’s requirement and finalise the Modular design.
  2. The estimation team prepares a detailed estimate of the modular design finalised during the conceptualization and design state.
  3. Structural engineering team prepares the structural designs prior to finalizing the production drawings. Subsequently, the building is broken down into several modules each representing a three-dimensional part.
  4. The manufacturing department prepares a plan to manufacture the modules. Modules are manufactures on a rolling production line and are sealed and stored in the factory premise for transport. At the site, the production of ground, civil works and construction of foundation are carried out whilst the modules are being manufactured at the factory.
  5. The modules are transported to the site and installed using cranes and external cladding of the property is carried out as per the requirement of the client. The finishing team carries out finishing work such as joining, installing carpets, paint touching, etc.
  6. Then, the site is handed over after inspection of the property by the client and after signing handover certificate signed by both the client and the company.


What is modular construction?

Modular construction is an off-site construction in which a building’s components, or modules, are constructed in a factory setting and later transported to site for assembly.

The modular units may form complete rooms, parts of rooms, or separate highly serviced units such as toilets or lifts. 

Why use Modulex?

Modulex is setting up the World’s Largest and India’s First Steel Modular Building Factory – Modulex. Modulex is a project that aims to harness the potential of an emerging, dynamic market like India, and support its growing need with a practical and profitable solution for its construction. Modulex will bring highly advanced and sophisticated technologies from the developed half of the world and apply it to growth markets. Modular production costs are cheaper in India, which would bring down the overall construction costs of a project.

What are the advantages of modular manufacturing?

       1. Speed of build

Modular building projects are usually completed 30-50% quicker than traditional construction methods. When using modular, the indoor construction process can take place alongside site and foundations work and there is no need to worry about weather delays.

  1. Off-site construction

Modular buildings are constructed off-site in modules and are then transported on-site site in flat-packed panels, ready for build.

  1. Minimal impact on surrounding businesses

The advantage of building modular is that it removes 80% of the construction activity away from the site location – creating minimum disruption to businesses surrounding the site.

  1. Eco-friendly materials

Modular buildings are built with eco-friendly building materials and are leading the market with their use of recycled materials. The process of off-site construction ensures less waste, too. 

  1. Cost-effective

Modular constructions are very cost-effective, with flexible payment options available and a shorter construction time. The design service is often included too, saving design and architectural costs.

  1. Attractive design

Thanks to innovative and practical design, using the best quality sustainable building materials, modular constructions can creative unique and attractive designs.

  1. Bespoke options available

Modular buildings have the bespoke design, which means that each building is tailored to your needs. Modular buildings can be custom-made to fit with your exact space and budget requirements.

  1. Flexibility of use

Modular buildings are extremely flexible, thanks to their bespoke design. Modular buildings can meet your requirements with the perfect flexible extra space.

  1. High quality construction

Quality and safety are guaranteed due to indoor nature of construction, and the building materials are protected from moisture and weather during the construction process.

  1. Durable materials

Modular buildings are constructed with the most durable construction materials to ensure that the construction is built to last. The materials used for internal walls improve sound insulation and fire-proofing, and modular building structures are extremely airtight which ensures their energy-efficiency.

Where is the product manufactured?

Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) buildings are typically constructed indoors in a controlled factory environment on assembly lines.

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